Children from Aljezur go to Vilarinha to see the “old school”

The museum center was opened in September 2017

Two classes from the 1st cycle of the Professora Piedade Matoso School Group, in Aljezur, will visit this Thursday, April 18th, the Vilarinha School Museum Center, where a classroom from the Estado Novo era has been recreated. 

Under the motto “A trip to my great-grandfather's school days”, the special visit is part of the celebrations of the International Day of Monuments and Sites, aiming to raise children's awareness “of the importance of preserving, safeguarding and enhancing Heritage Cultural".

The initiative is promoted by the Aljezur City Council, in collaboration with the Bordeira Parish Council, and will take young students to participate in teaching and recreational activities at the old Primary School in the village of Vilarinha.

«The experience will be based on the recreation of activities that aim to illustrate and explain to young people how school worked during the time immediately before April 25, 1974, so that they can understand the differences in teaching and the school environment from the past for today», explains the Chamber.

A basic period school kit will also be distributed, consisting of a mouse multiplication table, a charcoal pencil and a daily notebook, where students will develop some exercises as they were carried out at the time.

In the playground, children will have the opportunity to play “like they used to”. There, games such as monkey, blind goat, apothecary handkerchief, among others, will be recreated.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a small snack offered by the Bordeira Parish Council.

The museum center was opened in September 2017, today being «a place of memory and cultural transmission» in the municipality of Aljezur.

«This initiative is of particular importance in the year in which the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April is celebrated and everything that the moment represented and still represents for Portugal», highlights the Municipality.