Portimão City Council wants to buy 142 homes for public housing

Purchase intention arises from changes to the Local Housing Strategy 2020-2030

The Municipality of Portimão is currently carrying out a public consultation on the market with the intention of purchasing 142 homes for public housing.

This acquisition intention arises «from the amendment of the Local Housing Strategy 2020-2030, in order to address the urgent need to allocate dwellings to families living in undignified conditions», highlights the Chamber.

The dwellings must have the following characteristics: located in the area of ​​the municipality of Portimão; regularly described and registered in the urban property matrix and in the land register; equipped with a use license or certificate proving that the building is exempt from use authorization, if applicable; totally free and unoccupied with people and goods; free of any charges or charges on the date of conclusion of the purchase and sale contract.

Natural or legal persons, under public or private law, who are full owners of lots, may submit proposals for the construction and sale of housing units (built, under construction, or to be built), from one fraction to a maximum number of 142 units. or plots of land located in the geographical area of ​​the municipality of Portimão, on which the fractions are built, or under construction, or where they intend to build.

Those who are prospective buyers of lots or parcels of land located in the same area may also submit proposals, as long as they have possession of the property and the promissory purchase and sale contract is endowed with real effectiveness – in which the fractions are built, or under construction or where they intend to build.

In the latter case, owners must submit a declaration authorizing the presentation of their property for the purposes of this competition.

Interested parties can consult the notice of this public offering by clicking here, as well as the respective program of the procedure, and the deadline for submitting applications, which must be made via email at [email protected], runs until April 16th.