AHETA approves Secretary of State chosen by the Government but wanted a Ministry of Tourism

AHETA also praised the Minister of Economy

The Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA) regretted this Friday «that it has not yet been this time that the main economic activity of the region and the country», tourism, «has been distinguished with a Ministry», despite to congratulate the name chosen by the Government for Secretary of State for Tourism.

In a note sent to newsrooms, AHETA «welcomes the appointment of Dr. Pedro Machado as Secretary of State for Tourism» and considers that «both the Minister of Economy and the Secretary of State for Tourism are true experts in the sector and will have a lot to contribute to the continued development of this activity».

Pedro Machado was president of the Centro Tourism Region for several terms, «having developed remarkable work, in national and international terms, thus being able to apply his way of approaching tourism, in the national context», believes the Algarve association.

«On our part, we are fully available to collaborate with those responsible for the sector, in the search for solutions to the main problems that the sector faces, envisioning a promising future for companies and their staff, in the search for more sustainable tourism, in all the areas", .

The Algarve, as the country's main tourism destination, has a set of challenges that must be urgently resolved, in order to avoid future problems that could compromise our activity.