Nossa Senhora do Amparo Listening Group joins EMARP to raise awareness of Portimão

The selective collection of organic waste became mandatory from January this year

The National Listening Corps Group, 1398 from the Parish of Nossa Senhora do Amparo, joined the Municipal Water and Waste Company of Portimão (EMARP) to raise awareness among the people of Portimão about the selective separation of organic waste, through doorstep awareness actions the door.

Next Saturday, April 20th, between 10:00 am and 13:00 pm, the first action in the set of activities will take place with the aim of giving each resident of the project's pilot area a bucket to separate their food waste and information on the organic waste recovery system.

The main idea that the scouts intend to convey to the population is that the proper separation of food waste, which takes up around 40% of the unsorted bucket (common trash), prevents this waste from being deposited in landfills and being transformed into fertilizer 100 % Natural.

The conscious consumption of natural resources and adequate waste management, with the principle of zero waste and the promotion of circularity of materials, have a great impact on the environment and the quality of life of all generations.

The selective collection of organic waste became mandatory from January this year.

In Portimão, anticipating the obligation, the new system was implemented in March 2022, in a pilot area covering 13 accommodations.

The increase in the number of participants in the project, which currently has around 2200 families and 85 restaurants, schools and IPSS, is decisive for increasing the municipality's recycling rates and meeting the targets defined at national and European level within the scope of waste.

The group, belonging to the National Listening Corps, was inaugurated on December 2, 2017 and has its headquarters at the Centro Social Paroquial de Nossa Senhora do Amparo, in Portimão.

Over the course of six years, the group grew exponentially, currently having a workforce of 140 members, organized by sections, aged between 6 and 22, accompanied by a team of adults (leaders).