Preventive detention for two of the eight drug traffickers arrested this week in Olhão and VRSA

Another of the detainees was subject to weekly presentations and the rest only with an identity and residence permit.

Two of the eight men, arrested on suspicion of being part of a drug trafficking network that operated from Olhão to Vila Real de Santo António, were in preventive detention, announced this Saturday, March 23, the GNR. 

Another of the detainees was subject to weekly presentations and the rest were only subject to an identity and residence permit.

These men were arrested last Wednesday, March 20th.

17 doses of hashish, five doses of cocaine, three doses of MDMA and one dose of cannabis were seized from the alleged traffickers, aged between 35 and 3519.

The GNR also seized «20 euros, thirteen cell phones, a laptop, a high-powered vehicle, six bladed weapons, including a bayonet saber, an airsoft gun, a compressed air gun, a scale and a marble base (for preparation of doses)», according to a statement.

The investigation that culminated in this operation, carried out through the Criminal Investigation Unit (NIC) of the Territorial Detachment of Faro, lasted around nine months, during which time the GNR identified «a narcotic product sales network organized into two main cells, one for distribution and the other for supply, so that there is no narcotic product in large quantities during the activity of sales".

«The military collected sufficient evidence that allowed them to execute eight home search warrants, six non-domestic search warrants and three arrest warrants», according to the GNR.

The court orders were carried out by the GNR, in collaboration with the Public Security Police (PSP), in an operation in which 85 GNR soldiers and 27 PSP members participated.