PAN links the departures of Paulo Baptista and Elza Cunha with “personal interests”

Departure was announced this Monday

Photo: Manuel de Almeida | Lusa Agency

PAN – People Animals Nature has already reacted to the departure of Paulo Baptista and Elza Cunha from the party, this Monday, linking this disaffiliation with “personal interests”. 

«In the past, the PAN was harmed by the actions of people who resigned from their positions and, later, abandoned the party, showing that they put personal interests above causes and then joining other political forces», it reads in a note sent to newsrooms on the evening of Monday, March 4th.

The reaction arises a few hours after Paulo Baptista and Elza Cunha having admitted to being on a collision course with Inês Sousa Real, accusing this party leader of having exchanged the PAN's causes «for crumbs and opaque agreements on both the left and the right».

The note released by the party also reads that «this leadership was elected in congress with 72% of the votes and, therefore, is legitimized and committed to enforcing the PAN program and returning to having a parliamentary group to be able to better defend People, Animals and Nature».

«The two former members were included in the lists of the District of Faro and the last Congress and were not elected, in an internal democratic process», concludes the PAN.

According to Paulo Baptista and Elza Cunha, who have already «informed the bodies for which they were elected of their intention to become independent deputies», the reasons for this separation «are related to the countless situations that have occurred in the public and internal life of the party, which culminated in institutional disrespect for local elected officials, when the PAN Spokesperson traveled to Faro, as part of the electoral campaign, on the 26th of February».