PAN says it is concerned about demolitions of barrier islands and calls for “social justice” for residents

PAN candidate for the Algarve met with the “SOS Ria Formosa” movement

PAN – People-Animals-Nature argues that the “residents of the barrier islands cannot be underestimated”, after having held a meeting with Vanessa Morgado, leader of the “SOS Ria Formosa” movement, to understand “the situation of the residents” of these communities, this party announced.

At stake are «the developments and information in recent years surrounding the demolitions planned on the Ria Formosa islands, particularly in the centers of Farole Hanares, in the municipalities of Faro and Olhão", a situation that this party has "followed with attention and concern".

«As an ecological party committed to preserving the environment and biodiversity, PAN recognizes the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystems of the Ria Formosa and its renaturalization process. However, we also recognize the need to balance environmental conservation with the rights of local communities. In this context, the PAN defends a cautious and balanced approach to dealing with housing issues on the Ria Formosa islands", according to Saul Rosa, head of the PAN party list for the Electoral Circle of Faro.

«While we recognize the importance of environmental preservation, we also highlight the need to guarantee social justice and respect for the rights of the people who created these communities decades ago», he reinforced.

Taking this into account, PAN made “a commitment to permanent contact with this association so that we can help find and contribute to the best possible solutions for these people as well as the environment” and states that, with the information it has, “ the compensation for relocating this community is not the best.”

This position is based on the testimony of Vanessa Morgado, who said that «people who are displaced from the islands are going to rented houses and the support is only related to financing the rent for 2 or 3 months, in exchange for the loss of own housing”.

The PAN “supports measures that encourage sustainable land occupation practices that respect the balance between human beings and the environment. Residents claim to have evidence that the rubble of demolished houses remains on the islands and that this does not reflect the purpose of renaturalization».

Furthermore, «the PAN urges competent authorities to involve local communities and civil society in transparent and participatory decision-making processes, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered».

Saul Rosa concludes by stating that «PAN is committed to working towards solutions that promote harmonious coexistence between human needs and environmental preservation, always seeking the well-being of people, animals and nature.”

The party “will consult environmental associations, as well as the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) and other relevant institutions, such as the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), to exchange views on possible solutions to this issue, as the recession of the barrier islands It is also a worrying factor for the party.”

PAN's objective with this initiative is to ensure that “the renaturalization of the island is not just a pretext to turn the islands into another mass tourist spot, and that this process ends with the realization of the best solutions for the conservation of the islands, but also greater social justice for its residents”.