PSP Operation in Downtown Faro results in an arrest for drug trafficking

In Olhão more people were arrested

Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação (file)

The PSP carried out in the early hours of this Saturday, March 23, an operation at night in Baixa de Faro, which resulted in the arrest of a man for drug trafficking. 

The suspect was caught selling drugs to a citizen, and, after a home search, the PSP seized a total of 366 individual doses of hashish, money suspected to come from this activity, as well as various products used for preparation, packaging and sale of product.

During the weekend, the PSP also carried out inspections in the city of Olhão, having arrested two suspects in the act for the crimes of driving without a legal license and possession of a prohibited weapon.

«These arrests occurred after the police detected a driver suspected of driving without a legal license, which is why they proceeded to stop him. It was confirmed that the driver did not have a driving license, and it was also found that one of the passengers was carrying a prohibited weapon, which is why they were both detained", explains the PSP in a note.

During the same period, they were detained in the cities of Faro and Olhão other citizens for road crimes, as well as the theft of electric scooters and bicycles.