New circus returns to Aljezur on Easter weekend

Tickets are now on sale

The new circus returns to Aljezur, over the Easter long weekend, with the Belgian company Les Vélocimanes Associés presenting «Der Lauf», which, in Portuguese, means «The Race». It will be on the 28th, 29th and 30th of March (at 21pm), as well as on the 00st of March, Easter Sunday (31pm), at Espaço Multiusos de Aljezur.

Supported by the Lavrar o Mar program, the starting point for this show is the film “The way things go” (1987), by Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

The everyday life transfigured by this duo of Swiss filmmakers in this film, created from a warehouse full of banal objects, in which an insignificant event triggers a cascade of strange events, was the motivation for the Belgian company Les Vélocimanes Associés to create a solo.



In a dark and intimate atmosphere, with an aesthetic that oscillates between the universe of David Lynch and Intervilles, a French comedy television program from the 60s, five short juggling pieces are presented.

With a bucket on his head, which functions simultaneously as a limitation and also as an object of manipulation, a juggler goes blindly into a series of experiments in which his actions are the source of countless consequences that take him to unexpected places.

A long journey in which the public is always involved and wants to help a juggler blinded by impetuosity to get his plates spinning.

And in this attempt, the public witnesses the incessant search for inner control, an escalation of weaknesses, or a checkmate of oneself. «Everything we see questions us in a very concrete way about our relationship with ourselves and with others».

Tickets cost 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children aged 8 to 11, can be purchased here.



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