São Brás de Alportel Costume Museum participates in conference in Italy

21st Sociomuseology Conference took place between the 16th and 23rd of February

The São Brás de Alportel Costume Museum participated, between the 16th and 23rd of February, in the 21st Sociomuseology Conference, which took place in Catania, Italy. 

The International Conference of MINOM (International Movement for a New Museology) was attended by 350 people from 25 countries and three continents – Europe, Africa and the Americas – who debated their working method.

Director Emanuel Sancho, technician Vânia Mendonça and the
volunteers José Cabecinha and Cristina Farrajota.

One of the highlights took place in the Librino neighborhood – a marginal area in the city of Catania – «where it was considered that Social Museology has the potential to transform the precarious lives of many of its inhabitants».

Another important moment took place at the Monastero dei Benedittini di San Nicolò L'Arena, which is a hub of the University of Catania and a Universal Heritage Site. There, for two days, the XXI International Conference of MINOM took place, where participants attended «remarkable interventions and controversial debates that
reflect the current concerns of the world we live in».