Navy coordinates action that saved sailboat at risk of sinking in Algarve

Vessel was taking on water

A sailboat with two crew members that was experiencing water entry, at risk of sinking, approximately 1,5 nautical miles, the equivalent of 3 kilometers, south of Fuzeta beach, was assisted by the Portuguese Navy, at around 9:30 am this morning. Saturday.

The Navy received an alert from the crew of the sailboat “Vitess”, «with the information that there was a risk of sinking due to the amount of water inside the vessel».

«Immediately, the Captain of the port of Olhão was contacted, who activated the Olhão lifeboat and the ISN SR-37 boat. Furthermore, in the jurisdiction of the Captaincy of Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, new means were also used to support the sailboat and help with water drainage, thus reducing the risk of sinking», describes the Navy.

«The sailboat ended up sailing to Spanish waters, at around 12:10pm, where it began to be monitored by the Huelva Search and Rescue Center, in transit to the port of Mazagón».