Lights, camera, action: here comes the series “Faro" 

Series premieres in September, on RTP

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

It's called “Faro”, is filmed in the Algarve capital, and, despite being fiction, it portrays a very real theme in the region: real estate speculation. This is what the series will be like.”Faro”, written by Tino Navarro and André Guerra dos Santos, directed by Joaquim Leitão, which will air in September, on RTP. 

«It's a story localized, which has to do with the problems of the community itself and, therefore, we try as much as possible to be in emblematic areas and address topics that concern people. Despite being fiction, we try to touch people with a theme that is familiar to them», he reveals to Sul Informação Sandra Alves, production director. 

Recordings began at the end of February and should end in April. Until then, actors, producers and technicians will walk the streets of Faro – from the historic center to the beach, passing through the airport – filming this series that is part of a set that passes through several districts.

Close to the Praia de Nautical Center Faro, we found João de Brito. For the Algarve actor, who in this work plays the role of a beggar, «it is a gift to be able to join a series that takes place in Faro and it has the name of the city».


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


«Having projects like this here is always good, because it ends up involving the community, circulating resources and services and this ends up being beneficial. Afterwards, it gives visibility, because it shows what we have here in a fictional and non-documentary scene", he tells our newspaper, adding that "the stamp of having on the Algarve project is very important". 

The cast also includes Algarve actors Luís Vicente, Tânia Silva, Letícia Blanc, Miguel Martins Pessoa and Carolina Santos, as well as José Jesus, in the production.

According to Sandra Alves, there was «great care to give opportunities to people from here, whether technicians or actors».

«Everything in this environment takes place in Lisbon and, therefore, in these works, we try as much as possible to involve local professionals, although most of the people in our environment who work here also work there», reinforces the production director. 

Furthermore, the production is working with ETIC_Algarve, with some students on internship and others already integrated as professionals.

Joaquim Leitão's new series premieres in September, on RTP's new schedule.


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação




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