Loulé promotes information sessions for agricultural owners and producers

Applications for “Single Requests” are open until May 31st

The Municipality of Loulé will promote, on March 22nd, at 17:30 pm, at the Sociedade Recreativa e Cultural de Vale Judeu, an information session on “Support for maintenance, agricultural production, livestock and transformation”. 

The session is aimed at agricultural owners and producers, but also open to those who «intend to transform, valuing economically what they produce».

In a note, the Loulé Chamber reinforces that applications for the “Single Request” are one of the supports that “allow farmers, even with small plots, to cover essential expenses for maintaining the soil and farms”.

This year applications are open until May 31st.

Given that the “Single Requests” for aid require an application to be made at different service locations and compliance with certain rules, these initiatives aim to inform those who have never applied before, about the conditions under which they can do so.

For those who already know the program, the idea is to clarify rules that must be followed, in order to safeguard possible penalties.

After, in January and February, Boliqueime, Alte and Salir welcomed this initiative, it is now Vale Judeu's turn.

This will be followed, next month, by the session at Tôr, on the 1st of April, at 17:30 pm, in the União de Freguesias meeting room, and on the 4th of April, at 10:30 am, at Ameixial, also at the Junta's facilities.

This work is being developed by a partnership between the Municipal Executive and Cooperativa AGRUPA and Associação IN LOCO, with the support of parish councils and local associations.