Young man wanted for stabbing three people in France detained in the Algarve

Young man will await the development of the extradition process in freedom

A 19-year-old foreign citizen, subject to a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued by the French authorities, was detained in Loulé by the Judiciary Police.

The young man, residing in Portugal since he was 11 months old, had been wanted for around a year for the crime of causing harm to physical integrity using a bladed weapon, after having injured three people at a train station in France, one of them seriously.

«At the time, the suspect was not intercepted by the Police, which is why the EAW was issued. For these facts he could be sentenced to a sentence of 5 years in prison", according to the PJ, whose Criminal Information Unit was responsible for the arrest.

The suspect was presented to the Court of Appeal of Évora, which determined that he should await the next terms of the extradition process, «being subject to the measure of coercion of weekly presentations at the police station in his area of ​​residence and prohibition of being absent from the limits of the Algarve district, without prior authorization from the Court».