Man arrested for drug trafficking carried hashish on stolen scooter

During operation in downtown Portimão

PSP Agent – ​​Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

A man was arrested yesterday, March 18, by the Portimão Police Station of the PSP, having been charged with the crime of drug trafficking.

During a patrol action in the city center of Portimão, «the man was seen carrying a scooter electricity with several damages, which raised suspicions that it could have been stolen", says the District Command of Faro of the Police.

When he was approached by the agents, they found that, «inside that motorcycle» the man «was carrying enough hashish for 137 individual doses, cash and other products used for the sale and packaging of drugs, for which he was arrested».

The PSP also found that the scooter It had been stolen at the end of last year and was seized for return to the rightful owner.