«Face to Front» with the 25th of April on World Theater Day in Faro

Show celebrates April 25th with a play about the balance of the Revolution

The DoisMaisUm Theater group presents today, March 27th, World Theater Day, at 21:30 pm, at IPDJ in Faro, the show Frente a Frente, written by António Gambóias and performed by Ana Cristina Oliveira and António Gambóias.

This is a show that «appeals not only to memory, but also to reflection on our responsibility to maintain the democratic spirit», explains the theater group.

From the unexpected meeting, 28 years after April 25, 74, between a woman who was arrested and tortured at the age of 19, and her torturer, “wounds are touched and new paths for discussion are opened. There are revelations, there are reports. How does a dictatorship affect the lives of its citizens? After the illusions of the “Marcelista spring” passed, ordinary but deeply committed people continued to face the fury of a tortious regime».

«These impressive accounts of courage in suffering may seem strange to us in the distance of time, but they remind us that an informed conscience allows us to resist, that our small victories lead us to another path and to a fairer outcome».

«Fifty years after the April revolution, and when we are going through such troubled times, the critical moment has come to ask ourselves: what revolution did not happen in the revolution?»