Municipal companies in Loulé are those with the least water losses from the network in the Algarve

Infraquinta, with just 2,8% of non-revenue water, leads this ranking in the Algarve

The municipal companies of Loulé (Infralobo, Infraquinta and Inframoura) are those with the lowest percentage of unbilled water and, as such, fewer losses in the network, in the Algarve, according to the Annual Report of Water and Waste Services in Portugal (RASARP2023) . 

Infraquinta, with just 2,8%, leads this ranking in the Algarve, followed by Infralobo (6,7%) and Inframoura (7%).

These numbers, according to Infralobo, «not only demonstrate the operational excellence of these entities, but also highlight the commitment of the municipality of Loulé to sustainability and water efficiency».

«This excellent performance has been a constant in recent years, reflecting the long-term commitment of Loulé's management entities to operational excellence and environmental sustainability. It is proof that investment in water efficiency is not only possible but is fundamental for the responsible management of water resources», he adds.

Even so, and according to the ERSAR report, despite these good numbers, the total losses in the municipality of Loulé are 33%, only surpassed by Lagos (39%) and Lagoa (41,5%), in which the municipalities with moderately urban areas are concerned.

In municipalities with a predominantly rural area, those with the highest percentage of non-revenue water are São Brás de Alportel (43,8%), Alcoutim (42,7%) and Silves (42,5%).

The report can be consulted here