CCDR Algarve says the path to gender equality “is made by walking”

Women are already in the majority of this entity's staff

“Gender equality is a fundamental principle of the European Union, but it is not yet a reality. In business, politics and society in general, we can only fully realize our potential if we use all our talents and diversity. Using only half the population, half the ideas or half the energy is not enough».

The words are from Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, but they are endorsed by the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR), which marked International Women's Day with a note taking stock of gender equality within the institution.

Stressing that «the path is made by walking», this entity revealed that women represent 61% of the total of 289 workers at CCDR Algarve.

«In the direction of the Organic Units and Heads of Division of the CCDR, in carrying out the mission of coordinating and articulating the various public policies in the region and different areas of planning, regional development, cross-border cooperation, management of European cohesion funds, spatial planning, environment and biodiversity, agriculture and rural development, industrial licensing, education, culture and support for local authorities, as a result of merit and professional qualifications, of the 29 middle management directors, 14 are women».

«In the European Funds Management Authority – Algarve 2030 Regional Program – the seven management positions are filled by women», he concludes.

However, on the CCDR Board of Directors, there are three men – the president and two vice-presidents – and only one woman, also vice-president.