PS candidates visited Algarve daycare centers

For Jamila Madeira, the “right takes away rights”

The PS candidates, from the Algarve, visited this Sunday, March 3rd, the daycare centers of Santa Casa da Misericórdia in São Brás de Alportel, Albufeira and Monchique.

«While the right wants to take a step back on women's rights and return to the time of clandestine abortion, we want to do more for women's rights. Guaranteeing free daycare and pre-school and reducing effective working time for young parents are measures that support families and have a direct impact on the lives of children but also women», guarantees Jamila Madeira, head of the Socialist Party.

PS candidates for the Algarve recalled, during these visits, that, since the beginning of 2024, local authority daycare centers have also been covered by the State Budget under the free metered regime.

«Reducing parents' working hours in the first three years of a child's life, as proposed this week by Pedro Nuno Santos, is to reinforce the reconciliation between professional, family and personal life but is also important in terms of equal access to the market of work, especially for women, most of the time placed between the choice of taking care of their children's education and a professional career", says Jamila Madeira, for whom the "right takes away rights".