Covered Padel Field was the winning project of the São Brás Participatory Budget

The winning proposal received 53 percent of the votes from the São Brasense community

An Indoor Padel Field, which was the project chosen by São Brasenses within the scope of the 2024 Participatory Budget process, which took place at the end of last year, will be built on the premises of Escola Secundária José Belchior Viegas, in São Brás de Alportel .

The new equipment will mainly serve «school sports and all schools in the municipality, allowing greater access to this growing sport, expanding the municipality's sports park», announced the São Brás Chamber.

The winning proposal obtained 53 percent of the votes from the São Brasense community, with proposals for the construction of an amphitheater in Campo Sousa Uva (which obtained 21% of the votes) also in competition; installation of video surveillance cameras in public parks and gardens ( which received 14% of the votes) and also the proposal to rehabilitate and expand the support bar at Polidesportivo Municipal Gonçalo Assunção (which received 12% of the votes).

Involving the community in the life and future of the municipality of São Brás de Alportel is the objective of this participatory public management instrument that the municipality started in 2006.

«Since then, citizens have demonstrated their ability to think about the municipality, with proposals presented and with very valid contributions to help the executive in its decisions», adds the municipality.

The creation of Parque Roberto Nobre, the Jardim Carrera Viegas Sports Space, Praça da República or Parque das Amendoeiras, the rehabilitation of the East Entrance, the expansion of the network of accessible sidewalks, surrounding the Rotunda da Liberdade; the construction of the Canine Park, the Skate Park, the Public Basketball Field and the installation of 21 interactive panels in the municipality's schools are examples of works, equipment and projects that were born precisely from proposals presented or defended by citizens in Participatory Budgets, which are a reality in the municipality since 2006 and brought the budget preparation process to the streets.

The municipal executive had reserved a sum of 70 thousand euros for the winning project of the 2024 Participatory Budget, which will now integrate the investments included in the 2024 Municipal Budget.