Albufeira celebrates World Theater Day with a children's musical and a comedy

On the 24th and 27th of March

World Theater Day will be celebrated in Albufeira with the children's musical “Peter Pan and the Secret of the Island of Three Eyes”, by the company Rituais dell Arte, and the comedy “Definitely as Bahamas”, by Teatro do Elétrico, on the 24th and March 27th, respectively, in the municipal auditorium of Albufeira.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the 24th, at 15:30 pm, “Peter Pan and the Secret of the Island of Three Eyes” will take the stage.

«This is the magical story of the sisters Xana and Babuxa who meet Peter Pan and Tinker Bell and embark on an adventure across the seven seas in an attempt to discover the secret of the mysterious Island of Three Eyes», according to Albufeira City Council.



On March 27th, World Theater Day, Teatro do Elétrico brings Custódia Gallego, Marques d'Arede and Cristina Gayoso Rey to the Municipal Auditorium, to star in the show “Definitely the Bahamas”.

«The work of English playwright Martin Crimp tells the story of a couple in their sixties who decide to rent a room to a student originally from Galicia. Loaded with irony and dark humor, the play portrays, in a realistic and caricatural way, human morbidity and evil, exploring themes such as migration, cultural clashes, xenophobia and the disturbing presence of the “Other” in our lives», reveals the municipality.

Tickets for both moments (3 euros for the children's show and 5 euros for the adults' show) are now on sale at Galeria Municipal João Bailote, from Monday to Friday, from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 13:30 pm to 17:30 pm, and you can also be purchased online at BOL platform.