VRSA will “Take Care of Those Who Care” to promote active aging

Pilot project will take place in the parish of Vila Nova de Cacela

Promoting active and healthy aging of the municipality's elderly population is the objective of the initiative “Caring for those who have been cared for”, which the Vila Real de Santo António City Council (VRSA) has just launched.

In the first phase, during the next six months, a pilot project of this initiative will take place in the parish of Vila Nova de Cacela, «with the purpose of understanding the health profile of the municipality's elderly people, adapting interventions according to identified needs. At the end of this period, the results will be evaluated and used to reformulate or propose monitoring and monitoring indicators for the project», according to the VRSA Chamber.

This measure, which has «specific, well-defined objectives aimed at the health area», seeks to «identify, monitor and support the elderly population of Vila Real Santo António throughout their aging process».

The target audience is citizens aged 75 or over, residing in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, as well as people aged 65 or over who meet certain vulnerability criteria (chronic illnesses, functional impairment or isolation situation). ).

«The project is aligned with the National Strategy for Active and Healthy Aging (2017-2025) and aims to increase quality of life, mitigate the effects of social isolation among the elderly, promote geriatric assessment and mental health, ensure managing the appropriate therapeutic regimen, creating strategies to reduce the risk of falls at home, among other aspects», reveals the VRSA Chamber.

«Caring for those who cared for is, above all, a proximity project that aims to identify, with precision, the needs of our elderly population, allowing us to respond to their actual needs and provide a better quality of life», says Álvaro Araújo, president of Vilarealense Chamber.

Operationalization includes carrying out home visits by a multidisciplinary team, called the Municipal Health Intervention Team (EMIS), made up of technical assistants, operational assistants, senior technicians and psychologists.

The entire intervention will be coordinated, in a network, with different entities, such as the Division of Health and Social Intervention of the municipality of VRSA, the Local Health Unit of the Algarve, Public Health, PSP and GNR, «in order to guarantee a more efficient response. comprehensive and effective response to the needs of the municipality’s elderly population”.

In parallel, the municipality of VRSA is working on the implementation of a project aimed at regulating the transport of citizens in the health sector.

«The measure aims to meet the needs of patients, ensuring that they receive adequate medical care, within the established legal framework, and reflects the municipality's commitment to providing comprehensive assistance to citizens», concludes the municipality.