Zoomarine reopens on March 7th with «surprises for the whole family»

The theme park will be open until November

The Zoomarine theme park, in Guia (Albufeira), reopens its doors on March 7th and guarantees to have «news and surprises for the whole family». 

Zoomarine will be open until November and has discounts of up to 20% on tickets purchased, until March 6th, at its official site.

On March 21st, a new and vibrant show of music, color and light will debut – “Upbeat”.

During the summer season, Zoomarine will also launch “Iguaçu”: a new attraction that will bring an experience inspired by the Iguaçu Falls, with descents that culminate in a simulation of the falls, enveloping visitors in a refreshing mist.

This season, Zoomarine visitors will also enjoy several zoological presentations, taking into account the numerous local scientific partnerships (national and international), as well as the work of Porto d'Abrigo do Zoomarine in the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of various aquatic and marine species.

In a press release, the theme park recalls that, since 2014, «the pioneering seawater capture system has been in operation, in which Zoomarine invested, and has enabled it to ensure the highest standard of animal welfare, zoological habitats and supply water attractions”.

«Still in 2023, Zoomarine marked the way forward, by implementing the irrigation of green spaces with recycled wastewater. These measures currently allow for annual savings of approximately 85.000m3 of water from the supply network, meeting 90% of the theme park's needs in terms of water resources, whether in the maintenance of green spaces, zoological habitats or water attractions», he adds.

Each Zoomarine visitor, in addition to having the opportunity to enjoy family time, will also be supporting animal conservation and rehabilitation projects, through part of the proceeds from their tickets which will be donated to the various causes that the theme park supports: Yaqu Pacha (one of the organizations driving the SOS Vaquitas! initiative for the conservation of this endangered species of dolphin, of which only 9 animals remain worldwide), World Parrot Trust (an organization that works on the ground to save several species of parrots and macaws of extinction, including the rarest macaw in the world – the blue-throated macaw), Marine Mega Fauna Foundation (a pioneering and scientifically proven research project to educate populations and the government to adopt lasting strategies for the conservation of species marine species, namely rays, sharks and whales, among others), among others.