Teatro das Figuras hosts EU.CLIDES and a show by Rui Sinel de Cordes this month

Tickets for the shows are now available at the Teatro das Figuras box office

The play “Bora Lá Laborar!”, the “Creation Workshop for Actors”, the 7th International Guitar Festival of Faro, the show by Rui Sinel de Cordes and a concert by EU.CLIDES are some of the initiatives that make up the Teatro das Figuras program in February. 

After having sold out two rooms, with the concert by António Zambujo (day 1) and IRIS (day 3), Teatro das Figuras (TMF) is preparing to host this Wednesday, February 7th, the play “Bora Lá Laborar!”, which can be seen at 10:30 am, by schools, and at 21:30 pm by the general public.

This is a company show Theater de Ferro, a co-production between Fábrica das Artes – Centro Cultural de Belém, Fundação Lapa do Lobo, Theater Aveirense, Theater Municipal Guard and Theater of the Figures.

“Let’s go to work!” invites visitors to reflect “on the place of work, seeking to answer questions such as “After all, what do we work for?”; “What is work for?”; “Why is it that, for most adults, life is organized around work?”», explains Teatro das Figuras in a note.

From the 9th to the 11th of February, the Creation Workshop for Actors will take place.

This project, which is guided by the actress Maria João Vicente, proposes, according to the TMF, «a set of practical exercises that aim to develop technical artistic skills that underpin the performative work of the actors, through active listening, relationship with time and space and dialogue with reality and with others».

The Workshop has a laboratory nature and involves, in addition to carrying out individual and group exercises, the construction of small scenes of ,. Registration is now open and can be done here.

Also this month it is possible to attend the International Guitar Festival of Faro, which returns for the 7th edition, on February 10th, at 19pm, with Sofia Escobar, Eudoro Grade and Orquestra Portuguesa de Guitarras e Mandolins.

On the 17th, at 21:30 pm, it's EU.CLIDES' turn to take the stage. The show returns to Portugal for the second phase of the “Declive” tour.

The album “Declive” is a profound work, inspired by parables that explore the complexities of life. «EU.CLIDES creates a captivating sound experience, which mixes influences ranging from classical to electronic music, including Cape Verdean and gospel music», describes TMF.

Next comes the play “PESSOA Maybe”, a co-production by Theater das Figuras, with its premiere scheduled for February 22nd, at 21:30 pm.

«If Fernando Pessoa were alive, what would he say?» – this was the question asked to artist Neusa Dias to create a theatrical show. On stage, four figures, doubles of Fernando Pessoa's main heteronyms and semi-heteronyms, speak in isolation about Identity, Religion, Art and Society, in a kind of , of puppets, without conflict or perfect plot, where the action is in the “performativity” of gesture, speech, sound and light.

On the 24th, at 19pm, Figuras hosts the piece AL_GHARB, a creation by Theater Meridional in co-production with Cineteatro Louletano and Theater of the Figures.

«This is a story about searching for a territory with the stories of the people of the sea, coast and interior, a visit to the silence at the top of the mountain range, the strength of religious and pagan festivities, a journey through the tourist avalanche, arrivals and departures, environments nightlife and multiculturalism».

To close the month, Rui Sinel de Cordes presents the stand up comedy show “King Cordes”, on the 29th, at 21:30 pm.

This show is already sold out.

Tickets for the remaining shows are now available at the box office. Theater das Figuras, open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 13:00 pm to 19:30 pm or, alternatively, in theaterdasfiguras.bol.pt and in the usual places.