PS says tolls on Via do Infante “never again”, AD promises to reduce by 50%

Currently, crossing Via do Infante from Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António costs 4,65 euros

The PS says «Never again tolls», the AD responds that «it doesn’t believe in promises». The end of tolls on the A22 is being one of the hot topics of the pre-election campaign with exchanges of accusations and different commitments. 

The first to talk about the topic was Pedro Nuno Santos.

At an event at the end of January, in Porto, the secretary general of the PS – and former Minister of Infrastructure – promised that, if he wins the elections on March 10, he will put an end to tolls on the former SCUT, which include Via do Infante.

Since then – and as expected – the topic has become central for the Algarve, at a time of pre-election campaign.

At a social lunch this Sunday, February 18th, the Socialist Party candidates once again reaffirmed this “commitment”.




In a press release, the PS/Algarve considers that «it has always defended a Via do Infante that tends to be free».

«In 2015, knowing the financial situation in which Portugal found itself, our commitment was to reduce tolls by up to 50% and, by 2024, tolls on Via do Infante now cost 60% less than they did under the right-wing government », they add.

«The right is irritated by the end of tolls because the right is in favor of the user-pays principle. The right is uncomfortable when we say that we are going to end tolls on Via do Infante because, in 2011, the PSD and CDS Government ended it, but it was with discounts for frequent users and therefore has no credibility to take on any proposal now. », says Jamila Madeira, head of the PS list.

«The PS made a commitment to reduce tolls and reduced tolls by 60% and so now, with the country's bills up to date, we can say never again tolls», he adds.

In statements to the Sul Informação, Miguel Pinto Luz, head of the AD list, said that “he has little faith in the PS’s promises”.



Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação



Ensuring that the Democratic Alliance “does not promise what it cannot do”, Pinto Luz committed to a “50% reduction” in toll prices.

As for the “full reduction, we will evaluate it”, he added.

The head of the AD list also criticized the PS for, «in the past», having «voted against» the 50% reduction proposed by the PSD.

«The Government voted against the 50% reduction and then says yes: what credibility does this Government have that is now offering everything in the last two months?», he asked.

«Pedro Nuno Santos is in a permanent zigzag and that is why we see that the Portuguese today want change», he concluded.

Currently, crossing Via do Infante from Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António costs 4,65 euros (class 1).


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