President and councilor of the Chamber of Faro accused of urban crime by the MP

At issue is the approval of a motorhome park located a few meters from the airport

Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

The mayor of Faro Rogério Bacalhau and urban planning councilor Sophie Matias are accused by the Public Ministry (MP) of an urban planning crime in the approval of a motorhome park located a few meters from the airport. 

The news was released this Friday, February 16th, by SIC, which also adds that the Évora Regional Department of Investigation and Criminal Action «has no doubt that there was a violation of urban planning rules, accusing the entire chain that decided to approve the work of this crime».

Faced with this accusation from the MP, which even asks that those involved be prohibited from exercising public functions, everyone has already asked for an investigation to be opened, given that they “understand that the rules of the Coastal Ordinance Plan (POOC) do not apply in the space in question», says SIC.

According to this channel, the issue is a project that had the green light in 2019, despite it being agricultural land, included in the limit of the Coastal Ordinance Plan (POOC), and the change in land use without consulting the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).

In an interview with SIC, Rogério Bacalhau states that «the Public Prosecutor's Office, in the indictment, says that we knew we were violating the POOC rules, but that is not true» and also highlights that «everything was done in good faith».

The investigation did not find any evidence of corruption or malfeasance.