Legislative2024: Paulo Raimundo and Catarina Marques reaffirm the CDU's position against increasing water prices

Communist candidate finds it strange that only now, in an electoral campaign, the PSZ announces the end of tolls on Via do Infante

A parade in Portimão, in which dozens of CDU activists walked through the streets of the city's downtown, in contact with traders and the population, culminating in a public tribune, yesterday marked the end of a day of the communists' electoral campaign, during which Paulo Raimundo , general secretary of the PCP, accompanied Catarina Marques, 1st CDU candidate for the Algarve.

What was heard most, according to the CDU, were complaints about the “lack of purchasing power”, “both from those who buy, and from those who have an open door and see that fewer and fewer customers come through the door. ».

There was time for a brief visit and conversation with pensioners at the Associação Sénior de Portimão. The general secretary and the CDU candidates were able to hear that, also for retired people, the situation is not easy with the low values ​​of pensions and pensions.

At the end of the parade, there was a public tribune, in which Catarina Marques said that “the problems of salaries and pensions heard here in Portimão, unfortunately, are the same as those in the rest of the Algarve, where the CDU campaign has been going”.

Paulo Raimundo highlighted that, “to see some of these problems resolved, the solution is to give more strength to the CDU, electing a deputy for the Algarve”.

At night, in Silves, what was one of the CDU's biggest initiatives in this electoral campaign took place, a dinner/rally attended by more than 400 people.

It was, they say, “a great and vibrant initiative that gave more strength and confidence to the CDU for what was missing from the electoral campaign”.

It was a dinner “all organized and prepared at the militant base, which filled the space of FISSUL – Silves Fair and Exhibition Pavilion, where the performance of Rancho Folclórica de SB Messines was one of the many lively moments of the night” .

The interventions included references to the Algarve's cultural, ethnographic and historical heritage, “so present in the activities of Rancho Folclórica and which the CDU greatly defends and values”.



The rally featured a presentation by Rosa Palma, regional representative and president of Silves City Council, and interventions by Catarina Marques and Paulo Raimundo. It also included the presence on stage of the CDU candidates for the Algarve.

Catarina Marques highlighted the biggest problems facing the region – salaries and pensions, housing, health, transport and the lack of water.

It was an intervention that pointed out the solutions advocated by communists for these issues, many of them “already referenced by the CDU for a long time”.

The communist list leader also responded directly to the PS, which “chose, once again, the time of the electoral campaign to come and announce the end of tolls on Via do Infante” and left a concern: “The fact is that, in the face of so many vows and promises of its abolition by the PS, now in the middle of the electoral campaign, be that the argument that once again deceives the people of the Algarve into voting for someone who had the knife and the cheese in his hand for so many years, but did not do what was required and is required – abolish tolls”.

The people of the Algarve “cannot trust this PS game. And they also cannot trust the PSD, Chega and IL, who would never take a position against the profits of the private concessionaire that operates Via-do-Infante”, he added.

Paulo Raimundo, who at the beginning of his speech highlighted the dimension of the initiative, valued the organization, and above all, the presence of the hundreds of activists who were there to give more strength to the CDU.



The general secretary of the PCP highlighted that only increasing the vote for communists can “help solve the serious problems that the Algarve is going through”, but also “combat right-wing politics, practiced by PS and supported by PSD, CDS, CH and IL , responsible for the current situation in the region and the country”.

He also highlighted that, when the CDU had the strength to influence national policy, the lives of workers and populations improved, with the increase in reforms, the introduction of free daycare centers, the creation of the intermodal pass, free school textbooks, the end of the PEC for micro, small and medium-sized companies and the recovery and achievement of many other rights.

Paulo Raimundo also highlighted the “brake” that the Municipal Council of Silves, with a CDU majority, managed to “impose on the measure of exorbitant increase in water tariffs proposed by AMAL and the government”, A decision by the municipality of Silves that later led other Municipal Councils to adopt identical positions.

“What was missing for years of public investment cannot now be charged to the populations in the name of drought and lack of water, just as for the CDU any measure that moves towards the privatization of water is unacceptable”, defended the communists.

The general secretary also stressed that the electoral result on March 10th does not depend on polls and “dark clouds”, it depends on who is still going to vote.

At the end of the interventions and after an emotional moment in which “Grândola Vila Morena” was sung, Rosa Palma closed the rally, affirming the idea that “everyone is necessary for this fight for the values ​​of April at this time of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of April Revolution”.