Legislative2024: PS candidates call for an end to the silence on domestic violence

Jamila Madeira states that the numbers are unbearable and should mobilize everyone to unite in the fight against what she calls “social infamy”

«Domestic violence is the most reported crime in Portugal among the security forces, PSP and GNR, and the one that causes the most fatalities, the overwhelming majority of which are women», highlights the PS/Algarve.

Precisely for this reason, the Socialist Party's Algarve candidates for the March 10th Legislatures met with various associations supporting victims and promoting gender equality and with the police and military authorities on domestic violence and the role that the Assembly of the Republic can take over to help end this situation of “moral misery” once and for all.

Jamila Madeira, head of the list of socialists in the Algarve, believes that the numbers are unbearable and must mobilize everyone, politicians and citizens, public administration and companies, women and men, to unite in the fight against what she calls “social infamy”. .

“We must demand an end to the silence about domestic violence, which kills dozens of women every year, and an end to the silence about gender inequality in the world of work and, more tragically, in the future expectations of women themselves. Ending this situation of moral misery and social infamy must be the cause of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of April 25th,” she stated.



The vice-president of the PS parliamentary bench and former general secretary of Socialist Youth also spoke about the proposal for a new referendum on abortion, launched by the AD candidate.

“It is worrying that the right intends to return to the time of clandestine abortion. The country had already turned that page. We are sorry to hear one of the AD's most prominent candidates giving space to topics that are not up for debate in our society and that place women in a situation of greater fragility and risk to their own lives. We cannot go back in terms of rights!”

The PS candidates thanked the work of associations and non-governmental organizations in protecting women victims of violence and defending the rights of equality and tolerance and committed to “working together on legislative measures to ensure better protection of women's rights”. victims, the inclusion of more women in the security forces and fighting with all their strength against the violence and discrimination against women that shames our society”.