Lagoa expands bio-waste collection area to Porches and Ferragudo

“Lagoa Valoriza +” project enters phase 2

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The bio-waste collection area in Lagoa was expanded at the beginning of this month to the urban areas of Porches and Ferragudo, after the municipality decided to move on to phase 2 of the “Lagoa Valoriza + – Selective Proximity Collection” project. announced the municipality.

Since November, the Chamber has been collecting bio-waste in the Lagoa and Praia do Carvoeiro areas, under the first phase of the same project.

In the first three months of the project «around 42 tons of bio-waste were collected», according to the Lagoa Chamber, a performance that «is very positive».

“Lagoa Valoriza +” is a voluntary membership project aimed at the general population, establishments such as hotels, restaurants, canteens, cafes and pastry shops (HORECA channel), schools and IPSS.

Those interested in joining this project can sign up and request support buckets, free of charge, on the project website.