Man and woman arrested for drug trafficking in VRSA

Caught in the act

A man and a woman were arrested this Wednesday, February 28, for drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon, in Vila Real de Santo António. 

As part of a random road inspection, in the town of Hortas, the Guard soldiers approached a vehicle, the driver of which did not have a license.

After a search of the car, the driver and the other occupant, drugs were found.

During the action, a search was also carried out at the suspects' residence, which culminated in the seizure of 47 doses of hashish, 32 doses of cocaine, 11 doses of heroin and eight doses of marijuana.

Added to this are three cell phones, a precision scale, an automatic opening knife, several packaging bags, 159,40 euros in cash.

The detainees were made defendants and the facts were communicated to the Judicial Court of Vila Real de Santo António.

The action was reinforced by the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of Tavira and a kinesthetic team from the Intervention Detachment (DI) of the Territorial Command of Faro.