GeekLab will have courses on how to be a DJ and make videos for Tiktok

Registration is open

GeekLab, creative school for Faro, there will be Easter holiday courses for young creatives, in the areas of video games, sound and video. 

“Making Your Video Game” (beginner level and advanced level), “Being a DJ” and “Making Videos for Tiktok” are the courses that GeekLab will offer during the Easter Holidays, highlighting the “practical and fun approach, which will allow participants have close contact with the world of technology, content creation and entertainment», according to this creative laboratory.

Scheduled to start on March 25th, the courses “Learn to Make Your Video Game – beginner level”, Learn to Be a DJ” and “Learn to Make Videos for TikTok” will run until the 28th.

On the 1st of April, the course “Learn How to Make Your Video Game – advanced level” starts, which will run until the 5th of April.

As is customary in courses in this laboratory where creativity reigns, the last session of each course features a presentation of the work developed by students to parents and family members.

Registrations can be made via telephone 289 823 359, 960 309 550, by email [email protected] or from site.