Fortaleza de Sagres offers new educational activities for everyone

Fortaleza de Sagres is now assigned to the new public company Museums and Monuments of Portugal

Sagres Fortress – Photo: Arlindo Homem | Sul Informação

The Education and Cultural Mediation Service of the Fortaleza de Sagres proposes this year a set of new educational offers, integrating several workshops and projects, already available on the Sagres Promontory website.

According to the management of this national monument (one of the most visited monuments in the country and the most visited south of the Tagus), «these new proposals restore connections to various sciences and areas of knowledge, which allows different audiences to learn, in an integrated way, the architecture of the Sagres Fortress and its buildings and recognize, for example, the role of mathematics in the creation and construction of reality, also not forgetting the fundamental role of creative ideas in the creation of new content, as well as in the interpretation of the landscape» .

One of the aspects highlighted is «the fundamental role of creative ideas involved in the creation of new content or in the interpretation of previous proposals».

In this sense, the workshops “Inhabitants of Fortaleza”, “Maritime Fennel Pickles”, an intergenerational proposal that has already welcomed very different audiences, “Mathematics of Fortaleza” and the Game “Rosa dos Ventos”, stand out for their singularity.

The latter is an educational game, aimed at families, schools and the general public, where various themes related to the monument are explored: its history, its cultural landscape, Portuguese maritime expansion voyages, as well as the biodiversity of the Promontory.

Furthermore, in 2023, three techniques from Fortaleza de Sagres integrated Erasmus+ mobilities, in the field of Adult Education, for Key Action 1 (KA120), two in the job shadowing and one for attending a certified course.

«This was an important moment for exchanging knowledge and reflecting on the role of educational services, which led to new approaches and activities that are already being developed in partnership with the community and other local entities», highlights Fortaleza.

The programme Museum Education – Using museums as a resource in teaching and learning, organized by EDUCulture, took place in Limassol, Cyprus. O job shadowing took place at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, in Madrid, at the “Educathyssen” educational service.

The cultural program for 2024 is still being prepared, which will be presented soon.

With the reorganization of the State's cultural heritage area, the Sagres Fortress began in 2024 to be allocated to the new public company Museus e Monumentos de Portugal, thus becoming part of a group of 38 museums and monuments of great cultural and heritage relevance.

The new Exhibition Center, officially opened in March 2023, represents an important cultural and pedagogical reference for the region.

This center proposes a reflection on the history and cultural landscape associated with the Sagres Fortress, in its relationship with the changes that this territory brought about in world history, through a contemporary and questioning perspective.

The building also includes a Contemporary Art Center, intended for temporary exhibitions, which those responsible for the monument intend to «become a place of reference in the region, with regard to plastic and visual arts».

The Sagres Promontory was distinguished with the European Heritage Label, in 2015, due to the richness and complexity of its cultural landscape and its connection to a “period that marked the expansion of European culture, science, exploration and trade to both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, opening the way for the affirmation and projection of European civilization, which came to modulate the modern world”.