PSP and GNR elements at airports to show arrivals their protest

Today there are vigils at the airports of Faro, Lisbon, Porto, Ponta Delgada and Funchal, in addition to the sea port of Lisbon

Around 70 members of the PSP and GNR have been holding a vigil at Lisbon airport since 6am today to show those arriving in Portugal their protest for better salary conditions, but the demonstration also takes place in Faro, Ponta Delgada, Porto and Funchal. 

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the spokesperson for the platform that brings together the PSP and GNR unions and president of the National Union of Police Officers Bruno Pereira said that this vigil will last until lunchtime, is symbolic and aims to draw attention of those who visit Portugal for the problems of the Portuguese police.

«Our presence here is very important. On the one hand to make our problems known and on the other to keep the matter on the agenda so that the next Government can take decisions».

The platform requires a supplement identical to that allocated to the Judiciary Police.

The Platform that brings together PSP unions and GNR associations today promotes vigils at the airports of Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Ponta Delgada and Funchal, in addition to the seaport of Lisbon.

This platform, which brings together seven unions of the Public Security Police and four associations of the National Republican Guard, also has a meeting scheduled for next Monday at Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon, and, for March 02nd, a national meeting of PSP police and GNR military personnel.

Members of the PSP and GNR have staged several protests to demand a supplement identical to that allocated to the Judiciary Police, with the protest beginning more than a month ago.

The majority of protests have been called through social networks, namely 'WhatsApp' and 'Telegram', with the inorganic movement 'inop movement' having emerged, which has no intervention from the unions, despite the existence of the platform created to demand a review of remuneration supplements in the security forces.

In recent days, several PSP police officers and GNR military personnel have suffered casualties, which led to the cancellation of games in the I and II football league, despite the platform not assuming that they are a form of protest, with the Minister of Internal Administration having determined to opening an urgent inquiry to the General Inspectorate of Internal Administration into these sudden casualties.