World Civil Protection Day marked in Quarteira with emergency event

March 1st

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação (file)

World Civil Protection Day will be marked by the Municipality of Loulé, on March 1st, with the III edition of the Emergency Competition, which will take place on Calçadão Nascente in Quarteira.

The event takes place between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm and foresees a set of initiatives promoted by the various civil protection agents and services and cooperating entities that will promote a set of activities with a view to the participation and involvement of the school community and the population in general.

In addition to the exhibition of means and equipment within the scope of civil protection, awareness and training sessions, lectures aimed at the community, demonstration of skills, drills, among other initiatives, will also be held.

In a note, the Chamber of Loulé emphasizes that the main objective of the event is to “highlight the importance of information/training of the population for preventive civil protection, in order to contribute to risk prevention and reduction of vulnerabilities, thus increasing resilience of communities and the capacity to anticipate and respond to the occurrence of serious accidents or catastrophes”.

The initiative aims to build safer and more resilient communities, as part of the international campaign “Build Resilient Cities”, by the United Nations (UN), which the Municipality of Loulé is part of and was recognized by the UN as a “Resilient City ” in 2018.

World Civil Protection Day was established by the International Civil Protection Organization (OIPC) and is celebrated annually on March 1st, the date on which the Constitution of the aforementioned organization came into force.

In Portugal, and around the world, the purpose of celebrating the date is to raise awareness of the importance of civil protection, in safeguarding human life, property, cultural and environmental heritage in the face of serious accidents and catastrophes.

The date also aims to pay tribute to civil protection agents and promote reflection on the risks to which populations and territories are subject, and the role that each citizen plays in the collective effort to create resilient communities.