Registration for national exams for access to higher education begins today

Registration for tests is made by families on the Electronic Registration Platform for Tests and Exams (PIEPE)

Registration for the national exams for access to higher education aimed at secondary school students begins today and ends on March 8, with registrations being made on an electronic platform.

“11th year and 12th year students who wish to take national final exams exclusively as entrance tests for the purposes of access to Higher Education” must register between the 26th of February and the 8th of March, according to the normative order nº4/2024.

The diploma presents registration dates for all types of situations, from students who have decided to cancel a subject, to those who want to improve their grade or who wish to take a test in a subject they have never taken.

Registration for tests is made by families on the Electronic Registration Platform for Tests and Exams (PIEPE), which is available here, and the school administration services are then responsible for validating it.

The diploma also defines the rules for the remaining external tests: In the case of students in the 2nd, 5th and 8th years, who will take assessment tests, there is no need to register, unless they attend the individual or home teaching.

Also for students who are going to take equivalency tests in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, final exams and school-level tests in the 3rd cycle of basic education, registration is automatic for almost all .

Among the exceptions are again students in individual education or home education and those who are outside of compulsory education and do not attend any school. In these cases, you also have two weeks to register (between today and March 8th).

The order on the conditions for admission to external assessment tests and equivalence tests to the attendance of basic and secondary education for the current academic year also states that students who are now in the 12th year only take exams in the subjects that “they choose as entrance exams for Higher Education».

The order also states that the assessment tests and final exams for basic education will be carried out electronically, similar to what happened last year. The national secondary school final exams will be carried out on paper.

The Ministry of Education carried out a project for the gradual transition of eternal tests to digital mode, which began in the 2021/2022 academic year with the assessment tests and which should end in the next academic year, with the generalization of the process in electronic format for all external assessment: Assessment tests, final cycle tests and national exams.