UAlg Excellence Scholarships continue to retain talent in the Algarve

Scholarships are financed by companies

Joana Coelho – Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Joana Coelho, with her average of 18,59, could have entered the «largest university» in the «big capital» and a course «with the highest possible average», but she chose the University of Algarve. This young woman was one of the 117 UAlg students who received Excellence Scholarships, in a ceremony that took place this Thursday, the 8th, in the Grand Auditorium of the Gambelas Campus, in Faro.

The student, who entered the Communication Sciences course this year at the Higher School of Education and Communication, was the representative of the award-winning students at the session and explained that she made this decision in favor of «comfort, happiness, mental health and sustainability of studies », factors that, in his view, «end up being neglected and called into question, contributing to a possible loss of quality of life when we find ourselves alone in new and unknown cities».

Joana's story parallels that of many other students who have already received these scholarships, in the 12 editions of the initiative.

Since they began to be awarded, in the 2012/13 academic year, the University of Algarve's Excellence Scholarships have already awarded 667 students, totaling support of more than 551 thousand euros, guaranteed by different companies.

This edition had the participation of 59 companies and entities and monetary support of around 81 thousand euros. The scholarships pay in full the tuition fee for the 1st year of the Bachelor's degree and/or Integrated Master's degree, set at 697 euros.

«Students placed with the best classification in their respective course, who entered with an application grade equal to or greater than 15, were selected for the award of an Excellence Scholarship. All students who entered UAlg through the National Competition for Access to Higher Education were automatically selected, in the first option, with an application grade equal to or greater than 17 points», explains UAlg.


The award-winning students – Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Reinaldo Teixeira, administrator of Garvetur, was invited to represent the businesspeople, arguing that UAlg is a «great house that exports knowledge from the Algarve to the whole world, which makes us very proud».

Research was also highlighted by Reinaldo Teixeira, referring to a list of researchers that is at the top of the most cited worldwide, which is also a reflection of the competence of the Algarve University and the reason why students choose it for your training.

«The more we support UAlg, the more we will be able to have a University that will be an example for all of us and to train our children and those who will be our collaborators», he believes.

In the entrepreneur's opinion, there are values ​​and principles, such as truth and seriousness, that count for a lot. «Combine these principles with the skills you will acquire in this house, put them into practice in society and export them around the world. Your success is the success of UAlg, the companies, the region and the country", he highlighted.

Student Joana Coelho also praised the institution where she chose to stay.

«Both the University of Algarve and the region itself have demonstrated an enormous desire to attract young students and professionals from all corners of the world», he said.

Equally important are the efforts of the Algarve university to captivate and retain young people from the south of the country, showing them that they do not have to move abroad in search of stability and professional opportunities, as they can find them in the Algarve.

«It was in this institution and academic community, with these teachers, staff and students, that I found my place as a student and person», he concluded.


Rector Paulo Águas – Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Paulo Águas, rector of UAlg, valued the students' effort and dedication and their determination to continue their studies.

«We live in a knowledge society. Only through knowledge will we be able to build a fairer, more inclusive, more supportive society. It is also the knowledge that will enable us to increase levels of well-being, both individually and in our community, in our country,” he stated.

The rector of UAlg also highlighted the role of companies, considering that their membership «is a sign of recognition for the work carried out at the University of Algarve in training our young people. Your presence is also a strong incentive for students».

Paulo Águas thanked the students for choosing UAlg to continue their studies, explaining that the «prestige of universities is based on multiple pillars, namely the research they carry out, the quality of teaching, relations with the community, among others. But the most important pillar are its students, its graduates».

He ended his intervention by encouraging students “to fight for their rights, for their causes, not to remain indifferent”, while at the same time assuming “their responsibilities and duties”.

The University of Algarve also invited Idalécio Nicolau, from the Dr. Francisco Fernandes Lopes School Group, in Olhão, to be present at the ceremony, representing the directors of the school groups.

«Investing in education is investing in the greatest resource that society has: people. (…) Teaching and learning should not be left to chance and these awards aim to show just that: to highlight the students who accepted this challenge and committed themselves to their studies/education, and who are now beginning a new stage in their lives academic", he said.


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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