Albufeira invests one million euros in urban requalification works

In some cases, water and sewage networks will be replaced

Albufeira City Council is requalifying Rua de Santo António and adjacent streets, but also replacing the covers of the wastewater and rainwater network that are damaged, in a global investment of more than one million euros.

The interventions are part of a series of works to requalify the municipality's roads and roads, «some of them highly complex, with a view to improving circulation conditions and the safety of vehicles and pedestrians», according to Albufeira City Council.

«Whenever justified, intervention is used to replace water supply networks, domestic and rainwater wastewater, public lighting, telecommunications, as well as the low voltage network», illustrated José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira, which ensures that «improving the road network is one of the Municipality's main concerns».

The Contract for the Requalification of Rua de Santo António and adjacent streets, which will cost 767 thousand euros, covers Rua de Santo António, Rua dos Caliços, the beginning of Rua de São Pedro, Beco de Malpique, part of Rua António Aleixo and part of Rua of Malpique, «expected to be completed in March of this year».

«The intervention aims to renew and improve the infrastructure on Rua de Santo António and adjacent streets, namely the water supply network, the domestic and rainwater wastewater networks, the public lighting network, the telecommunications network and the low-voltage network. tension", added the municipality.

At the same time, waste collection and recycling points will be “improved, through the installation of more modern, hygienic and aesthetically attractive buried islands. The work will be completed with the installation of renewed urban furniture, such as waste bins and bicycle racks».

Once the work is completed, «the entire area will benefit from a renewed image, with new sidewalks and pavements, in addition to improved safety and mobility for vehicles and pedestrians, including elderly people and those with reduced mobility. As part of this work, the first phase of the cycle path to be built on Rua António Aleixo will also begin».

José Carlos Rolo believes that the work will bring «huge benefits to the population», as it will «provide the area with a new water supply network, with fewer leaks and more resistant, a new domestic wastewater network, less prone to to blockages, a new rainwater drainage network, new recycling bins, new public lighting posts and a renewed pavement that will lead to better urban mobility».

«Another important intervention, which has now started in the Açoteias area, has to do with replacing the covers of the Waste and Rainwater Network. The municipality acquired a total of 250 covers, for the value of 138.450,00 euros, with a view to replacing the covers that are damaged on all the municipality's communication routes, which as they currently are can pose a danger to circulation and damage the vehicles", concluded the municipality.