Tó Quintas, the artist who was never afraid to do things or take risks

His creative side emerged when he was young, when he had fun with tools and nails building things.

“Everyone built things, and that was kind of the general atmosphere”, recalls Tó Quintas, about his childhood.

The artist was born in Faro, but spent part of his childhood (until he was around 8 years old) in Lisbon, due to the fact that his father was in the navy. Since returning, he has always lived in the Algarve capital.

His creative side emerged at a young age, when he entertained himself with tools and nails building things.

Creativity was also greatly encouraged by the family, who participated in the construction. “My mother would pick up old radios from workshops for my brother and I to disassemble.”



Throughout his life, he had several common jobs, but there was always a workshop at home where he could express himself. “I have always been involved in building things”, he guarantees. This passion became a profession very much in parallel with what I was already doing.

After being unemployed for a while, there were times when he made models for civil construction, painted and repaired motorcycles, worked on dental prosthetics, which he says was “very DIY”, and also built sets for university theater plays.

When the Algarve Theater Company (ACTA) emerged in the mid-90s, he began working there as a set designer. “Then I actually started working more in the area of ​​building things, in particular my own creation”.



After theater and having his tools and workshop, he felt the desire to work on his own, to do the things he wanted.

This path, accompanied by the fact that he is known for the things he has already done, allows him, even when something is ordered, to do it the way he wants, in terms of, for example, the materials and techniques used.

All these techniques and knowledge come mainly from the family and from studies carried out outside of school, through many books (themes ranged from stories to books on modeling, among many others). Tó Quintas also always liked to talk to people who were doing things “from paving stones to architects”.

Due to the fact that most of the people he interacted with were linked to different areas, this also helped him in sharing techniques and knowledge, such as working with synthetic materials and welding. “It became normal to deal with these things and information was passed on through word of mouth, socializing and, above all, doing it, that’s where knowledge comes from”.

If he had to work in a different area, Tó mentions, for example, a shipyard or a car workshop.

His inspiration comes either from the shapes of things around him, or from motorbike or truck rides where the subconscious mind takes care of the subject, and, suddenly, an idea appears. “I like all the crazy shapes. Cars, motorbikes, animals and nature are all sources of inspiration for me.”

Finally, Tó Quintas leaves a message of encouragement to the new generations to expose their projects and ideas: “do things, don’t be afraid to take risks!”



Text and photos by Mafalda Castro, carried out as part of the 22|24 Professional Photography course at ETIC_Algarve, School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation of the Algarve.


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