Rosa Palma is the representative of the CDU candidacy in the Algarve for the elections

The party advanced this Monday

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

Rosa Palma, president of the Chamber of Silves, is the representative of the CDU candidacy in the Algarve for the legislative elections on March 10th, the party announced this Monday, January 15th.

Rosa Palma is 51 years old, she is a teacher and tMaster's degree in Biology and Geology from the University of Algarve. She was a member of the Teaching Staff Assessment Team and Coordinator of the Department of Experimental Sciences and Mathematics at EB 2,3 in Silves and Coordinator of the Department of Experimental Sciences and Mathematics at the Silves School Group.

President of the Chamber of Silves since 2013, Rosa Palma is still vice–president of AMAL, mmember of the CCDR Algarve Regional Council, substitute member of the vice-president of the ANMP Board of Directors and member of the PO Algarve 21 Strategic Advisory Committee.

«With 10 years at the head of the Silves municipality by the CDU, Rosa Palma, has the experience and knowledge of the current regional situation to assume this representation of being the representative of the CDU candidacy for the next legislative elections on March 10», says the party, adding that “the country and the Algarve need to change course».

«The policy followed by PS, which with an absolute majority in 2 years, and always with the favorable background positions of PSD, CDS, CH and IL, has dragged the region towards the bottleneck of the economic development model – tourism, which As a result of exploitation and low wages, it does not allow it to take off from the last places in poverty rates and other factors of social exclusion», the note reads.

The CDU further argues that “the Scarce public investment in the region is glaring, and the process of transferring powers imposed on municipalities has not resolved this failure of successive governments». 

«It is not by transferring burdens and responsibilities to municipalities, which are the Government's obligation, in a logic of underfunding, that problems in Health, Education or Social Security can be resolved. It is not by reinforcing the CCDR and eliminating several Regional Directorates, concentrating powers, that we move towards true decentralization, postponing the regionalization process to the calendar, as determined by the Constitution», he continues. 

With the presentation of the 1st CDU candidate – Catarina Marques, in December – and now, with the announcement of the representative Rosa Palma, the CDU states that «it is advancing in the preparation of this important electoral battle on the 10th of March, which will allow the people of the Algarve to choose 9 of the 230 deputies who will constitute the Assembly of the Republic, and therefore, elect whoever can be the protagonist of the necessary change of direction in the region and the country».