“Olhar Feminino” is the next photography exhibition opened in Tavira

Exhibition opens on February 3rd, at 17pm

The Collective Photography Exhibition “Olhar Feminino” will open on February 3rd, at 17pm, at the Álvaro de Campos Municipal Library.

This is an exhibition that results from an invitation by professor and photographer Carlos Álvares to 13 artist photographers, with professional training at the Portuguese Institute of Photography, to develop their free interpretations of what it means to look at the feminine.

The project creation process involved several meetings over the course of a year, culminating in exhibitions across the country.

«Olhar Feminino brings new approaches and reflections on a pertinent and current theme, through photography, whose universal and timeless language assumes an indisputable importance in contemporary society», explains Câmara de Tavira in a note.

The exhibition consists of works by Alexandra Paramês, Anna Rinoldi, Carla Fragata, Eduarda Alvarenga, Francisco Soares, Lucas Coelho, Magdalena Seidenspinner, Maria Faustino, Marco Soares, Mariana Pereira, Raquel Martins, Sofia Beatriz and Vanda Pereira.