“Matança do Porco” inspires Pedestrian Tour in Cortelha

After 10 kilometers of walking, a meal of pig slaughter to regain strength

A Walking Tour, with the traditional Pig Killing as its theme, is scheduled for January 14th, in the village of Cortelha, in the interior of the municipality of Loulé.

In Serra do Caldeirão, the tradition of slaughtering pigs and producing delicious chouriças is celebrated these days.

After a year of raising and feeding their pigs, the cold came and, in order to be able to obtain sustenance for another year, the inhabitants of the interior of the municipality of Loulé carry out, in their homes, the usual pig slaughters, which are nothing more than days of hard work, but also of socializing with family and friends.



This tradition was in the past a very important form of subsistence for the people of the Algarve interior, providing food that could be stored and consumed throughout the year. The “killing” ritual took place over several days and was part of a strong social interaction.

With the aim of presenting participants in yet another Walking Tour with mountain traditions that are sometimes unknown in other coastal locations, the Associação dos Amigos da Cortelha will recreate the Pig Killing, with a reenactment of the usual tasks that, on this day, are performed by mountain men and women.

The Matança do Porco Pedestrian Walk has a route of around 10 kilometers in the parish of Salir, starting at 09 am. To the Registration must be made by clicking here.

Along the route, pedestrians will be able to observe some of the routines that until recently were part of the daily lives of the people of the Algarve mountains and, at the end, they are all treated to a mountain snack of delicacies associated with the “Matança do Porco”.

This activity is organized by the Associação dos Amigos da Cortelha and has the support of Loulé City Council, Salir Parish Council.