Luís Costa takes 5th place in the World Cup time trial

The basic tests start next morning

Algarve paracyclist Luís Costa came in 5th place in the World Cup time trial, class H5, held in the early hours of this Monday, January 15th, in Adelaide (Australia). 

The Portuguese paracyclist completed the 15,6 kilometer route in 25.17,90 minutes.

The winner was the Chinese Qiangli Liu, the Dutch Tim de Vries and Alfredo de los Santos (USA) third.

Still in handbikes, Flávio Pacheco was tenth in the H4 race, also held over 15,6 kilometers. He stopped the clock at 24’42’’18, 3’37’’82 from the record that gave the Belgian Jonas van de Steene the victory. The podium was completed by two Austrians, Thomas Frühwirth, at 29,39s, and Alexander Gritsch, at 52,78s.

Telmo Pinão was the national representative in the 15,6 kilometers of class C2, achieving sixth position, with 24'33''72, 5'13'93 more than the fastest, the Australian Darren Hicks, who concluded the effort in 19'19''78. Spaniard Luis Javier Arcega was second, at 58,01s, and Japanese Shota Kawamoto was third, at 1'43''64.

«Telmo did a time trial with some moderation, because this is not his race and, next night, he has the main objective, the long-distance race. Flávio Pacheco performed as expected. Luís accused the fact that he was ill, otherwise he could have thought about the podium", considers the national paracycling selector, José Marques.

The basic tests begin next morning. Telmo Pinão runs the 54,6 kilometers of class C2 starting at 0:30 am (Portuguese time).