Arrested in the act of men who kidnapped and robbed two people in Lagos

PSP approached the vehicle where the robbers were taking the victims against their will

Two men who kidnapped two people to rob them were arrested in the act by the PSP, in Lagos, this Saturday, the 27th.

Officers from the Lagos Police Station were informed of a possible crime that was taking place at that time and “a police device was mobilized and approached the vehicle driven by the suspects”.

After forcing the vehicle to stop, the police confirmed that, "inside it, there were two citizens taken against their will and deprived of their freedom, who had already been the target of attacks and were coerced into handing over large amounts of money", he revealed. the PSP.

Prohibited weapons and objects stolen from other victims were also seized during the operation.

The investigation that was carried out, following the arrest, made it possible to “indict both suspects for committing several robberies, home thefts, coercion and attacks on physical integrity, throughout the municipality of Lagos”.

Both detainees, aged 22 and 21, “are suspected of choosing vulnerable targets, especially immigrants, which was causing a strong feeling of insecurity among this community” and have already been brought before the Judicial Authority.


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