Physiotherapy course for animals will start in the Algarve

The course will be taught by Irmela Kuhn

The course “Physiotherapy for animals: fundamentals, effects and possibilities” starts on January 27th, at 18 pm, at Woofland by Iron Dog, at MAR Shopping Algarve, Loulé.

In this training, basic concepts of physiotherapy applied to animals will be covered, as well as practical advice to be applied in emergency or everyday situations.

Questions such as “what is physiotherapy? In what situations is it recommended? What benefits can it bring? What are the various possible treatments? Several case studies will also be analyzed.

The objective of this workshop is for the animal owner to be able to anticipate and avoid health problems in their animal, and learn to apply some techniques that help them improve their overall quality of life.



The course will be taught by Irmela Kuhn, 50 years old, who was born in Augsburg, in southern Germany, studied veterinary nursing (1989 – 1991) and qualified as an X-ray technician (1997). Between 2007-2010, Irmela completed her training by taking Physiotherapy at Academy for Tierphysiotherapie GBR.

She has lived in Portugal since 2002 and has worked as a Veterinary Nurse in a small animal clinic since 2006. Additionally, Irmela has completed a course in manual therapy in horses and the use of leeches for therapeutic purposes in dogs and horses.

Through her vast knowledge and experience, Irmela has helped dozens of animals in Barão de São Miguel, Lagos municipality. From dogs to donkeys, horses and even cats, Irmela treats common problems normally related to old age, such as osteoarthritis, spondylosis or hernias, or even muscular problems related mainly to ligaments, using massages, manual therapies, ultrasounds or electrotherapy, in addition to of various preventive actions.


In Irmela's opinion, physiotherapy applied to animals is still a very recent field in Portugal, although it is already quite developed in several other countries.

“Unfortunately, most people do not have the willpower, knowledge or economic power to provide this type of treatment to their animal. Or they are simply lazy and prefer to resort to drugs.”

However, despite “reality having changed a lot in recent years”, the majority of Irmela's clients are still foreigners, but Irmela hopes that, through this course, it will be possible to reach even more people so that they can equip themselves with knowledge to help their own animals even more.

This training costs 30 euros and registration can be done via the link . For more information, contact Woofland by Iron Dog on 967774211 or via email at [email protected].



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