Castro Marim: It is now possible to visit the pioneering salt art exhibition

The “Pôr-do-Sal” exhibition opened last Friday

The pioneering exhibition that transforms salt into art, signed by Pedro Seromenho, was inaugurated at Casa do Sal, in Castro Marim, last Friday, January 26th, with the artist finishing the main artistic installation live.

The “Pôr-do-Sal” exhibition includes ten drawings of traditional professions and a 12-meter artistic installation, which conveys a message to raise awareness of the problem of drought in the Algarve and highlights some historical and unique details of the region.

«It is a beautiful, charming and unforgettable way to project our white gold”, said Filomena Sintra, vice-president of Castro Marim, during the inauguration.

This project's exhibition portrays shepherds, fishermen, water collectors, salt workers or basket makers and promoted an artistic residency by Pedro Seromenho in the municipality for a week, with workshops aimed at children.

The opening of the exhibition was the culmination of many hours of work, with the artist finishing the work live and in full view of everyone present, who had the opportunity to closely observe the technique of this ephemeral art, to the sound of the harpist Algarve Helena Madeira.

The salt used in this exhibition was removed from the Castro Marim salt flats in September last year, the process of which can be viewed through a video available in one of the rooms at Casa do Sal.

Inspired by the salt pans of the Sapal de Castro Marim Natural Reserve and with salt as the material of choice and protagonist, Pedro Seromenho thus began this project that he will later continue on a tour of other territories, considering it as a tribute to the profession of the salt maker.

Pedro Seromenho was born in Zimbabwe, lives in Braga and has a degree in Economics. In 2006 he made his debut in children's literature, having already published 18 books, and is currently considered a reference as a storyteller.