The Local Development Strategy “Algarve Central 2030” approved

Intervention territory now covers 22 parishes, with a population of more than 163.000 inhabitants

The partnership established to carry out the Local Development Strategy called “Algarve Central 2030” was qualified for the second phase of the competition, being recognized as a Local Action Group, whose managing entity is the In Loco Association.

The proposed strategy and territory were also approved by the PEPAC Selection Committee.

The number of parishes covered increases in relation to the period 2014-2020 with the inclusion of Almancil and São Clemente (Loulé), Ferreiras (Albufeira) and União de Freguesias de Faro (Faro), an intervention territory that now covers 22 parishes, with a population of more than 163.000 inhabitants.

Within the scope of Community-Based Local Development, this strategy will allow this territory to access funds within the scope of the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (PEPAC) in the period 2023-2027, for investments in the sector.

This strategy resulted from work that began three years ago, during which various actors and the population of the territory covered were heard.

It focuses on four axes: Governance and Participation; Efficiency and transition of Development model; Local Economy and Equity.

«This partnership aims for a “Central Algarve”, from the interior to the coast, an integrated territory capable of overcoming asymmetries and responding to the challenges of climate change, energy and digital transition and sustainable development», explains In Loco.

It is made up of more than 40 entities in the territory, from municipalities to craft associations, producers in the agri-food and livestock sector, representatives of the forestry sector, the environment, culture, gastronomy, tourism, the social area, environment, economy and entrepreneurs and economic agents.

In Loco has been managing partnerships within the scope of the LEADER program since its pilot project in 1991, being an initiative of the European Community.