Expansion of Lar de Cachopo is “essential” and is closer to completion

The value of the work increased by another 1 million and more financing is needed

Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Funding is still needed for the expansion of the Residential Structure for Elderly People (ERPI) at the Cachopo Parish Center to become a reality, but, after the laying of the first stone, this Friday, January 5th, this "essential" work is closer to being realized. 

There will be another 25 beds, which «respond to a great need in the parish», but which, even so, will not be able to fill the waiting list that this home has, which now exceeds 80 people.

«Our ERPI, with just 30 beds, has put us in a difficult situation in terms of financial sustainability for several years. Cachopo is extremely aged. This is an area that is frighteningly desertifying and our idea with this project is to expand it to respond, above all, to difficult situations for people who are completely alone", highlighted deacon Albino Martins, president of the institution, to Sul Informação. 

Furthermore, the person in charge explained that the financial sustainability of the institution depends on this expansion: «30 beds is very little for the requirements we have in terms of staff and so that we can breathe in these very difficult times, when everything is so expensive» .


Deacon Albino Martins with Bishop D. Manuel Quintas. Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Although Albino Martins still fears that this expansion will not materialize, he believes that help will arrive from all sides.

The work, which initially had an estimated cost of 1.447.500 euros and a contribution from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) of 976.370 euros, has a current contract value of 2.247.400 euros.

«We do not have the capacity for this abysmal difference of 1 million euros – and this value does not involve possible price revisions and other necessary works, such as the expansion of the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, etc. as well as all the equipment's contents», continued Albino Martins.

The ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the expansion of the ERPI at the Cachopo Parish Center was attended by Ana Sofia Antunes, Secretary of State for Inclusion, who explained that, due to the increase in prices, support had already been requested from the European Union.

«What we tried to do for all the projects, and what was also reflected in this one by Cachopo, was to demonstrate to the European management that the funds that had initially been approved for these projects were out of date in the face of inflation. Here we asked for an additional 30% of the value, but what we were authorized was 20%, therefore, the value that initially had to be public contribution for this work, of 970 thousand euros, increased to approximately 1.200.000", said the secretary of State.


Ana Sofia Antunes, Secretary of State for Inclusion. Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Furthermore, the Cachopo Parish Center will have the support of the Tavira Chamber and the solidarity of the population, already visible in the Christmas campaign launched by Rádio Renascença, which raised around 18 thousand euros.

In the words of Ana Sofia Antunes, «this is what working in the interior is really like».

«This is what interior policies are, whether with our own or with those we welcome and who become ours. Above all, what matters is to bring dynamism, population, youth, work and confidence to these territories so that they do not become desertified and so that we stop this phenomenon that leads populations to all concentrate in the same areas, in search of same opportunities. It doesn't have to be like this", concluded the Secretary of State, thanking the commitment of Deacon Albino Martins and Margarida Flores, director of the district center of Faro of Social Security.

For this person in charge, «today is a happy day for Social Security, for families and for the Algarve».


Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


«This institution will serve the Algarve and the community in general. In addition to responding to the elderly, it will be a great employer, bringing people to the interior – and at the right time we already have preschool, and, who knows, other responses will soon follow. It is the new people here, working, and some having children, who manage to keep this beautiful land that is Cachopo alive», highlighted Margarida Flores.

In the words of Rafael Dias, president of the Parish Council, this expansion of the ERPI is “essential”.

«We have to think that the Parish of Cachopo has more area than the municipality of Faro all. In other words, the level of desertification in this town is high and if we don't have these institutions it is impossible to reach the people. Just so we can see, the number of beds we are going to launch is lower than what we need right now, so it is a work that is needed and is extremely important because it also brings jobs and allows us to renew staff with young people", he stressed to Sul Informação the mayor, reinforcing that ERPI also provides home support in many areas where one or two people live.

Regarding financing, he reinforces that it really needs to happen.

«Much of this leap of faith, let's call it that, was a bit of a leap of faith. In fact, several leaps of faith by this institution were always made in emptiness and uncertainty and it was always possible to cobble together and ensure financial stability. This is exactly our hope, that, in yet another leap of faith, everyone contributes to the improvement of this institution", he concluded.


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação



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