Alte, Cachopo, Paderne and Parises win “European Leader Awards”

The prize was awarded to the Aldeias de Portugal project, which comprises four Algarve villages

Serra de São Brás, represented by Parises, is one of the Villages of Portugal

The “Aldeias de Portugal” project, which includes the Algarve villages Parises – Serra de São Brás, Paderne, Cachopo and Old woman, won the 2023 edition of the “European Leader Awards”, promoted by the European Union to distinguish the best works financed by the community LEADER program.

The “Aldeias de Portugal” cooperation project promotes 61 villages in Portugal located from North to South of the country.

One of them is the “Serra de São Brás”, represented by the village of Parises, in São Brás de Alportel, the municipality that marked the achievement, attributing it to “all the Local Action Groups involved” and “to the village communities working in benefit of its territory, helping this award to come to Portugal».

In addition to the village of Parises, Alte (Loulé), Cachopo (Tavira) and Paderne (Albufeira) and the municipalities to which they belong, this project counts on In Loco as the main partner entity.

«In São Brás de Alportel, the project was undertaken with commitment by the municipality, which boosted it with the support of a working group “Amigos da Aldeia” and with the collaboration of local associations and entities», according to the municipality.

The European Leader Awards analyzed applications from different countries, presented by public or private entities with funding from this European program, from 2014 to 2020.