Algarvio Luís Costa is one of three Portuguese in the Paracycling World Cup

Algarve runner could reach the podium, if he fully recovers from the flu-like symptoms of the last few days

Flávio Pacheco, Telmo Pinão and Luís Costa, already in Australia

Luís Costa from Algarve, in class H5, is one of three Portuguese runners who will compete, between tomorrow and Wednesday, in Adelaide (Australia), the first heat of the 2024 World Cup.

The three paracyclists represent Portugal with the ambition of good results and gaining points towards Paralympic qualification.

José Marques, national coach, also called up C2 Telmo Pinão and H4 Flávio Pacheco.

The coach is confident for his first international commitment of the 2024 season. “Taking into account the list of entries, I believe that Luís Costa will be able to compete for the podiums, if he fully recovers from the flu-like symptoms of the last few days”.

“Telmo and Flávio should achieve results in the middle of the table, which is very important in terms of points for the qualification ranking for the Paralympic Games”, he added.

The competition begins with individual time trials, next morning. The three runners take action on the first day, with all facing an individual exercise of 15,6 kilometers (two laps of a 7,8 kilometer circuit).

The basic tests are spread over the following two mornings. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, Telmo Pinão competes in the 54,6 kilometers allocated to class C2.

In the early hours of Wednesday it is the turn of Flávio Pacheco and Luís Costa, who will also complete 54,6 kilometers.