Algarve was the region of the country with the most incidents due to heavy rain

Nationally, there were 22 incidents

The Algarve was the region of the country where the most incidents were recorded due to heavy rain, in the early hours of this Friday, the 19th, a total of 10, of the 22 that the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC)l recorded, among 00:00 and 7:00.

Most of these occurrences were related to flooding of public roads, which, as revealed to the Sul Informação the Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command (CREPC) of the Algarve, were not significant and were quickly resolved «with the lifting of gutter covers».

Due to the rain «which sometimes fell with some intensity, 22 incidents were recorded across the country, with the majority being recorded in the Algarve with 10. In Lisbon we only had three», said commander José Rodrigues, who took stock at the level national initiative.

Regarding the typology, José Rodrigues said that there were floods on public roads, mass movements and falling structures, with no victims or major damage.

“82 operational personnel were involved in the incidents, with the support of 29 vehicles,” he said.

Mainland Portugal is today being affected by Depression Juan with sometimes heavy rain, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

Beyond precipitation, there is also the possibility of “thunderstorms and convective gusts” until the end of this morning.

The IPMA also predicts snowfall in the highest points of the Serra da Estrela, from early in the morning today, «and which should accumulate above 1.400/1.600 meters in altitude, gradually lowering the level to 1.200/1.400 meters.

Additionally, an intensification of the wind is expected «on the coast south of Cabo Mondego and in the highlands, especially in the Center and South, with gusts of up to 70 km/h».

The IPMA issued a yellow warning for precipitation and snowfall.

The districts of Évora, Castelo Branco, Faro, Setúbal, Santarém, Beja and Portalegre are under yellow warning until 12:00 and Lisbon and Leiria until 09:00 today.

Guarda and Castelo Branco will be under yellow warning due to snowfall until 12:00 today.

The yellow warning is issued whenever there is a risk situation for certain activities depending on the weather situation.